VA Mississippi Tapes

MRC-013: Beautiful Dynamite!
Music To Clean Your Room By...

MRC-036: What Are These Things With Big Black Wings?
Folkie Soul Music & Full Folk Music

MRC-037: Ghost Dance
Early American & Jamaican Soul

MRC-038: Shombolar
Thematicly Vague... More Of A Mood Piece

Many thanks to the original uploader.

Technical note:
All these tapes have been split into individual tracks, mistakes might have been made. If you have suggestions for other tapes, tracklists or report mistakes, put them in smoke signals.


davidruhlman said...

thank you for these- amazing stuff. I would love vol. 4 everyone wants to go to heaven and vol. 7 trust your child. also great music blog-


Anonymous said...

Thanks so very much! Quite excellent to have these tracks, saved me a lot of time ripping.

Brinkkman said...

You're welcome,
4+7 are in the works.

Sam, that Norma Tanega album will be a hard time finding. It might take some time.

George said...

thanks for these, like sam - you've saved me a lot of time ripping!

also, track 2 on side B of Shombolar is by Mahmoud Ahmed

Thanks again!