VA Mississippi Tapes

MRC-005: Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven But Nobody Wants To Die

MRC-007: Trust Your Child
difficult children's music

MRC-057: Roqc Folqc Psych
Music from Québec 1969-1979


Anonymous said...
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Gary said...

I noticed that your MRC-057 tracks are encoded at 192 kbps. This tape was posted at root blog at 128 kbps. Did you re-rip the tape at a higher bit rate, or re-encode the 128 kpbs mp3s from root blog at a higher bitrate? The latter can only degrade the sound quality, which, admittedly is not really the focus of this series, but still, no need for the extra bandwidth or the false promise of a better sounding rip. I use mp3DirectCut to chop up the long mp3s from root blog because it doesn't re-encode, just chops. Cheers!

Brinkkman said...

i'm not really technical so I just used acoustica spin it again. there was no intention for better sound quality, just separate tracks. Cheers!

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