OST Werewolves On Wheels

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Don Gere - Werewolves On Wheels OST (1971)


village_idiot said...

Like an early amon duul II jamming to an italian horror soundtrack with b grade biker / horror movie excerpts thrown in.

i'd pay good money for this if it twas on vinyl.

miskov said...

lucky for your money, this one hasn't been released at all. so it's not actually an OST, just sounds ripped from the movie

the saucer people said...

The soundtrack to 'Werewolves On Wheels' has finally been released by (best record company in the world) Finders Keepers (who else) so looks like Village Idiot in the comments above is going to have to use some of that good money.


Mmm..this is weird...

comment from Village_Idiot above:

"Like an early amon duul II jamming to an italian horror soundtrack"

comment from the Finders Keepers blurb on the record:

"Imagine guitarist Sandy Bull jamming with Munich's Amon Duul 1"

Make up your minds fellas..does it sound more like Amon Düül I or Amon Düül II?!

Personally I think it sounds more like Mark II but it certainly sounds more knowledgeable if you cite Amon Düül Mark I from Munich doesn't it..but I am just a cynic.