VA Mississippi Tapes

MRC-022: Who Has Seen The Wind?
Pop Music

MRC-024: Like I'm Dying
Ska, Rocksteady & Dub

MRC-032: Sunda Pop Vol.
Thai & Asia

MRC-043: Why Did You Make Me Human?
Doo Wop, R&B, Early Rock & Soul

Many thanks to the original uploader.

Technical note:
All these tapes have been split into individual tracks, mistakes might have been made. If you have suggestions for other tapes, tracklists or report mistakes, put them in smoke signals.


Brinkkman said...
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Brinkkman said...

I have just found the MRC-043 tracklist

Why Did You Make Me Human?

Side A
1. The Twistin' Kings - Congo Twist (Part 2)
2. Unknown - Bo Diddle
3. Bo Diddley - Africa Speaks
4. The Delcos - Arabia
5. Slim & Ann - Reapin' What you Sow
6. Ike & Tina Turner - I Idolize You
7. Garnette Mimms & The Enchanters - A Quit Place
8. The Falcons - I Got A Feeling
9. The Cassanovas - Please Be Mine
10. Benny Joy - I'm Doubtfull Of Your Love
11. Pearl Jones - Please Stay
12. The Ad-libs - Human

Side B
1. The Neons - Tucson
2. The Revells - Midnight Stroll
3. The Shirelles - Dooms day
4. Barbara George - I'm In A Strain
5. The Wallace Brothers - Precious Words
6. The Jive Bombers - Bad Boy
7. The Coasters - Little Egypt (singing Ying Yang)
8. The Musical Lyns Twins - Indian Rock
9. The Edsels - I Was Born In Mexico
10. The Hudsons - Lucky Old Sun
11. Sam Cooke - Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen

not 100% sure, but it's a start.

Anonymous said...

MRC 013 Beautiful Dynamite!
MRC 036 What Are These Things With Big Black Wings?
MRC 037 Ghost Dance
MRC 038 Shombolar

those are my four favorites, and I'd love to see them up as individual tracks. There's a track on there by Norma Tanega (You're Dead), which is from an album Walkin' My Cat Named Dog that would also be cool to see uploaded.

Thanks! Killer blawg.