The Residents


Baby Sex (1971)

Santa Dog 7'' (1972)

Meet The Residents (1974)

Fingerprince (1976)

Satisfaction (1976)

Third Reich 'N Roll (1976)

Radio Special (1977)

The Beatles Play The Residents And The Residents Play The Beatles 7'' (1977)

Duck Stab (1978)

Duck Stab / Buster & Glen (1978)

Not Availble (1978)

Eskimo (1979)

Commercial Album (1980)

Commercial Single (1980)

Diskomo (1980)

Tunes Of Two Cities (1982)

God In Three Persons (1988)

Santa Dog 88 (1988)


joao said...

O V E R D O S E!!!

Titus Bresthell said...


abyssalpink said...

No fucking way dude. Thank you!!!

Linus Wärn said...

Amazing! Thx!

Richard There said...

And here a very nice Residents cover from the Simple Song of the Commercial Album.

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