VA Mississippi Tapes

MRC-001: House Of Broken Hearts, Pt.1
Early R&B, Doo Wop, Rockabilly & Instrumentals

MRC-005: We're Gonna Make It, Pt.2
Popular 1960's Soul Music

MRC-018: How Long Has It Been Since You've Been Home?
Blues & Spirituals

MRC-058: Monkeytek Hi-Fi Vol. 1: Dubwise
Monkeytek Mixtape for Mississippi

Many thanks to the original uploader.

Technical note:
All these tapes have been split into individual tracks, mistakes might have been made. If you have suggestions for other tapes, tracklists or report mistakes, put them in smoke signals.


miskov said...

Thank you!
Now I have no excuse for not listening to them.

Gary Norris said...

very cool

Gary Norris said...
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