Animal Collective

1 dancer 
2 comfy in nautica 
3 bearhug 
4 daily routine 
5 peacebone 
6 house 
7 fireworks/essplode 
8 song for ariel 
9 brother sport 
Melkweg • 28/out/08 PT1 PT2 
01 dancer 
02 house 
03 unsolved mysteries 
04 who could win a rabbit 
05 peacebone 
06 chores 
07 bearhug 
08 fireworks/essplode 
09 frightened 
10 brothersport 
11 daily routine 
12 leaf house 
13 we tigers 
14 grace 
15 derek 
1 chocolate girl 
2 comfy in nautica 
3 house 
4 lion in a coma 
5 peacebone 
6 daily routine 
7 bearhug 
8 fireworks/essplode

The Dead Texan

"The Dead Texan is a collaborative audio-visual release that contains a compact disc paired with a DVD containing seven video pieces designed to accompany the music on the album. Adam Wiltzie is a sound engineer and musician who has done live sound and recording work for numerous bands. He is best known as one half of the noctambulant drone duo Stars of the Lid. That group that has already collaborated with painter Jon McCafferty on one album, Per Aspera ad Astra, and plays with the stunning film accompaniment of Luke Savisky. This experience makes Wiltzie uniquely qualified to create videos for the music he makes under the name The Dead Texan."

(2004) The Dead Texan / V0


Tara Burke of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania employs voice, guitar, organ, dulcimer, accordion, Casio and more to create her home-recorded acid folk as Fursaxa. Prior to her Fursaxa work she was an active ingredient in Clock Strikes Thirteen, Ted Casterline and his Perfectly Perfect Pieces of Fruit, UN, Her debut album Mandrake was produced, engineered, and released in Japan by none other than Kawabata Makoto of Acid Mothers Temple. She also self released the cd-r's Trobairitz Are Here From Venus, and The Cult From Moon Mountain. She has also contributed to these songs to the following compilations: Free My Mind (V/A Nice Pooper #23, zine 2001), Artemisia (V/A Sound Collector #7, zine 2001),
Kniphofia (V/A Surrounded By Sun, Fonal 2002), Porpoise Wings (V/A Hand/Eye, Hand/Eye 2002), Chartreuse My Green (V/A The Invisible Pyramid, Last Visible Dog 2003), and of course her piece for this issue’s cd as well. Her LP Madrigals in Duos on Time-Lag Records is due any time now, and presents Fursaxa at her finest musically with the gorgeous packaging we have come to expect from Time-Lag. She is also going to be part of the Jewelled Antler Library of 3" cd-r's, which makes perfect sense. Her sound combines folk, lo-fi, hashish smoke mixed with incense drifting out of a cathedral doorway, dreams that skirt the edges of nightmares, hallucinatory droning organic primitive sophistication.

Album Discography :
  1. Mandrake [2000]
  2. Fursaxa [2002] (part1/part2)
  3. Trobairitz Are Here From Venus [2002]
  4. The Cult From Moon Mountain [2003]
  5. Madrigals in Duos [2004]
  6. Lepidoptera [2005]
  7. Myriad of Satyrids [2006]
  8. Alone in the Dark Wood [2007]
  9. Kobold Moon [2008]

Eps :
  1. Amulet EP [2004]
  2. Harbinger of Spring EP [2004]
  3. Maidenstone [2007]


(2008) Oneida - Preteen Weaponry / V0

Cabaret Voltaire

"Hailing from Sheffield, England, Stephen Mallinder & Richard H. Kirk were the backbone of Cabaret Voltaire, and creators of many of the techniques that fueled the industrial and electronic genres for years. From the droning noise-punk of PlayNag Nag Nag to the sublime electronic pop of PlayEasy Life, with industrial funk hits like PlaySensoria in between, the Cabs’ career spanned 3 decades. Many recent/current electronic artists owe a great deal of debt to Cabaret Voltaire’s experimental beginnings, in particular Richard H Kirk’s paranoid otherworldly samples, fused with gritty dark looped percussion. Kirk also had several solo outings, with his Sweet Exorcist incarnation opening the doors for Warp Records, in their “bleep” days that were the harbinger for the sonic experimentation of Aphex Twin, Autechre, The Black Dog and more."
(last fm)

(1979) Mix-Up / 256k

(1981) Red Mecca / 192k

Lô Borges

(1972) Lô Borges - Lô Borges / V0

Lô Borges, member of the Clube da Esquina, is a composer of several hits like “Um Girassol Da Cor Do Seu Cabelo” and “Paisagem Da Janela,” recorded by Milton Nascimento, Toninho Horta, and other top artists. Raised in Belo Horizonte, Borges was a childhood friend of the other soon-to-be famous members of the Clube da Esquina, like Milton Nascimento, Wagner Tiso, Toninho Horta, and others. At 19 he participated in Nascimento’s Clube da Esquina LP, sharing the composition of the title track. He also wrote, from that album, “O Trem Azul,” “Tudo Que Você Podia Ser,” and “Nuvem Cigana.

Milton Nascimento

"The recognition of Milton Nascimento's work has been built in ambiguous ways, specially in his homeland Brazil. While kept as a cult marvel to foreign ears, his superstar status in Brazil as a lead singer paradoxically coexists with his more avantgarde approach as a musician - at least until the seventies - thus establising himself as the most prominently inaccessible artist in the country."

[full text in cagedream]

(1967) Travessia / V0
(1969) Courage / 320k
(1972) Milton Nascimento e Lô Borges - Clube da Esquina / V2
(1973) Milagre dos Peixes / 320 VBR
(1975) Minas / V0
(1976) Geraes / V0

The Dead C

Formed in Dunedin in 1986, the group is known for its noisy guitar soundscapes and improvisational take on rock music. They became known internationally through their releases on the Philadelphia record label Siltbreeze, especially for the 1992 album Harsh 70s Reality. Early, pre-Siltbreeze albums like Eusa Kills and DR503 find the group still drifting between song-based work and the experimental free rock found in later albums like The White House and Tusk. Recent albums have seen the group add electronics and samples, yet still maintaining their origins in trademark hazy guitar chaos.

(2008) Secret Earth / 256 VBR

(2007) Future Artists / V2


(2005) The Wedding


(1994) At Action Park

(1998) Terraform




"Priestbird is a band of three multi-instrumentalists and singers (Gregory Rogove, Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans). They have released one full length album, called "In Your Time," under their current name and a full length and three EP's under their previous name Tarantula A.D.

Their music evolves constantly and indefinitely - weaving together hard rock, folk, classical composition, and psychedelia. " (Via Official Website)

Priestbird - In Your Time

The Lickets

Hi, there!

This is my first post and i got something in my ears and in my mind that i can't just hide. Maybe somebody or everybody have listened to it, but if you didn't - if you didn't my friend - you should take it NOW. It's so far the most beautiful and crazy thing i've listened to this year. It's minimalist, folky, sweet, weird and psych. In perfect transitions.

Try out the album. But you can buy the songs from the official website and give it your ouwn price.


The Lickets - Journey In Caldecott (2008) part 1
The Lickets - Journey In Caldecott (2008) part 2

El Polen

Formed in 1972 in Peru, El Polen were one of the first Andean psychedelic rock bands ever. Their music was a mixture of native instruments, quenas and antaras, with traditional rock instrumentation, creating a unique style where violins sounded like fuzz guitars.

Cholo (1972)

Fuera de la Ciudad (1973)

Possibly the best folk album of all time. Timeless, innocent, impossibly beautiful, sadly lost in time. The 12 minute epic “El Hijo del Sol” is a pure bliss … hippie anthem, Peruvian style!

Yo La Tengo

Album Dicography :

01 - Ride the Tiger [1986]
02 - President Yo La Tengo_New Wave Hot Dogs [1987_1989]
03 - Fakebook [1990]
04 - May I Sing With Me [1992] (part1/part2)
05 - Painful [1993]
06 - Electr-o-Pura [1995]
07 - I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One [1997]
08 - And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out [2000] (part1/part2)
09 - The Sounds of the Sounds of Science [2002] (part1/part2)
10 - Summer Sun [2003]
11 - Yo La Tengo Is Murdering the Classics [2006] (part1/part2)
12 - I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass [2006]
13 - They Shoot, We Score [2008] (part1/part2)

EPs :

01 - Here Comes My Baby [1990]
02 - That Is Yo La Tengo [1991]
03 - Upside-Down [1992]
04 - Camp Yo La Tengo [1995]
05 - Little Honda [1997]
06 - Some Other Dimensions in Yo La Tengo [2000]
07 - Danelectro [2000]
08 - Merry Christmas From Yo La Tengo [2002]
09 - Nuclear War [2002]
10 - Today Is the Day! [2003]
11 - Live Session EP [2007]

Splits / Collaboration :

01 - 1995 - Stereolab & Yo La Tengo - Genius + Love Split
02 - 1998 - Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo - Strange But True
03 - 2004 - Chris Stamey & Yo La Tengo - V.O.T.E.

Violeta Parra

This post consists of three elements or parts of supreme importance for the comprehension in Violeta Parra's music and at the same time of the Chilean folklore.
The First one;
"El Folclore de Chile" is a summary that Violet , it records for the phonographic industry of Chile crossing and adapting diverse singings and cuecas popular of the families of the field, these small spheres removed from the city and wrapped in the occupation close to the nature, this work she realize in the year 1958 - 1960.
The Second one; She is already mature it in the creativity of the popular singer, here she develops instrumental music for guitar with compositions of extensive passages, one of the most brilliant is
"Gavilán - Gavilán", you have to to put special attention in him.
Third and Final; It is the book that she writes to clarify since it was the development of your musical work
"El Folclore de Chile", and the credits to the whole people that in they took part.

To seduce with the singing that she projects beyond of the mountain chain.

E N J O Y !

Cantos Folklóricos Chilenos" (con G. Soublette) [1979] book

Composiciones Para Guitarra (part1/part2)

El Folklore de Chile

El Folklore de Chile Vol. II (part1/part2)

El Folklore de Chile Vol. III : La Cueca

El Folklore de Chile Vol. IV : La Tonada

El Folklore de Chile Vol. VIII: Toda Violeta Parra