VA Marvellous Boy: Calypso From West Africa

Marvellous Boy: Calypso From West Africa (2009)  •  Honest Jon's Records

VA - Honest Strings - A Tribute to the Life and Work of Jack Rose

The album is only $15 for 6.5 hours of exclusive

Honest Strings: A Tribute To The Life And Work Of Jack Rose
by Various Artists

Jack Rose LLC
JR-001 2010-04-18
Jack Rose was a masterful musician and even greater friend and supporter of the underground music community. Honest Strings: A Tribute To The Life And Work Of Jack Rose is a massive and exceptional collection of heartfelt contributions from forty artists who were friends with Jack and/or inspired by his prodigious talents. Due to the running time in excess of six and a half hours, this collection is only available as a download. The downloaded file also features new original digital artwork from both Arik Roper and Alex Jako as well as a set of liner notes with thoughts about Jack Rose by many of the contributors including compilation curator Cory Rayborn (Three Lobed Recordings).

All proceeds from the sale of Honest Strings go directly to Jack Rose's estate.

This compilation features new material from the following artists (in alphabetical order):

Alvarius B.
Elisa Ambrogio
Bardo Pond
The Black Twig Pickers
Nathan Bowles
Stuart Leslie Braithwaite
Hans Chew
Coach Fingers
Byron Coley with Son of Earth
Luther Dickinson
Chris Forsyth
Danny Paul Grody
Steve Gunn
Heather Leigh
Hush Arbors
C Joynes
Joseph Mattson (reading from "Empty The Sun")
Jenks Miller
Bill Nace
No Neck Blues Band
Cian Nugent
Charlie Parr & Mike Gangloff
Six Organs of Admittance
Spectre Folk
D. Charles Speer
Spiral Joy Band
Sunburned Hand Of The Man
lloyd Thayer
Rick Tomlinson
James Toth, Kerry Kennedy and Jason Meagher
Cath & Phil Tyler
Scott Verrastro / Nathan Bowles
Zaika with Loren Connors
Zaika with Paul Flaherty


Danielson Famile

A Prayer For Every Hour (1994)  •  Secretly Canadian

Lsd Pond (lsd march & bardo pond)

lsd pond - self-titled
(lsd march & bardo pond)
aRCHIVE, 2008

En este momento tengo el placer de encontrar la obra del bardo junto al ácido LSD, extrae mi absoluta satisfacción auditiva, en un monologo repetido en compaces extensos, la producción de material libre, expansivo, es una tarde de sol suave, la claridad de la naturaleza pasiva, tranquila, tal como un zorzal que pliega sus alas grises bajando en un cuadro de montes, por los senderos de viento frío en el sur del mundo, en el cielo, que estalla sonidos.

disc 1: recorded live, october 11, 2006.
1. we are lsd pond (17:22)
2. hikari naki sekai (23:13)
3. tamerai to kurushimi (5:20)
4. utuwa no naka no mizu (15:43)
5. dosyaburi no naka de (10:47)

disc 2: recorded live, october 14, 2006.
1. we are lsd pond (25:06)
2. sugatanaki kyofu (27:00)
3. yoru kara yorue (19:44)

parte I / parte II / parte III

Gil Scott-Heron

Small Talk At 125th And Lenox (1970)  •  wiki

mv & ee

liberty rose [child of microtones, 2010]

Jack Rose

the black dirt sessions (2009)


At Echo Lake (2010)

Kurt Vile

Constant Hitmaker (2008)

Manuel Garcia

Pánico [2005] part.1/part.2


Grey [1997] part1/part2

Michael Gregory Jackson

Clarity (1976)  •  ESP-Disk'

Shalabi Effect

If only they were detonating atmospheric walls that between cross his sound by means of two opposite poles protected by the history of the humanity, it is when the fingerprint of the time leaves brands where to advance and to continue, the tonality of the wood that with work appears with beauty emerges, if only you were finding the way of moving away to listen, the echo that supports the natural secrets of the universe returns to be authentic and democratic, is the shade in the roof, it is the flight again, but she undresses the woman at a height of the stellar hills captivates the sense as these auditory instants to remember, gives drafts for your home(fireplace) subjective construction and jumps in the pasture or mud for mutant your feet in wind, wind that escapes without address trying to be God, to have the value and the force of giving it what him belongs, absolutely everything what exists inside the small room of the life, now your she writes, now I am an entity that supports experiments, Shalabi sounds, for routes of the didactic light.

Si tan solo se detonaran paredes atmosféricas que entre cruzan su sonido por medio de dos polos opuestos resguardados por la historia de la humanidad, es cuando la huella del tiempo deja marcas por donde avanzar y seguir, la tonalidad de la madera que con trabajo se muestra con belleza emerge, si tan solo usted encontrara la manera de alejarse para escuchar, el eco que mantiene los secretos naturales del universo vuelve a ser autentico y democrático, es la sombra en el techo, es el vuelo otra vez, pero desnuda la mujer a la altura de los cerros estelares cautiva el sentido al igual que estos instantes auditivos para recordar, da giros por tu hogar construcción subjetiva y salta en el pasto o barro para trasformar tus pies en viento, viento que se escapa sin dirección pretendiendo ser Dios, para tener el valor y la fuerza de darle a ella lo que le pertenece, absolutamente todo lo que existe dentro de la pequeña habitación de la vida, ahora tu escribe, ahora soy un ente que mantiene experimentos, suena Shalabi, por vías de la luz didáctica.

Originally slated for release as the flip side of a split cd/lp with godspeed you black emperor! entitled Aural Florida, this release just kept growing and growing. Now finally finished and ready to go, the Shalabi Effect present their debut with a staggering 131 minute psychedelic blow out!

On this debut double CD somewhere in the vicinity of forty instruments have made their way onto the recordings. It is very difficult to describe Shalabi Effect, because the sound is varied and changing so frequently, but we can definitely trace influences of AMM, Organum, and Pink Floyd, and psychedelic music. In terms of Psych, we are talking about the brand perfected by the likes of Acid Mothers Temple, No Neck Blues Band and Ghost, as well as more pioneering projects such as Amon Duul, Popul Vuh and the Taj Mahal Travellers.

Anthony Seck, Sam Shalabi, Alexandre St-Onge and Will Eizlini are joined by various guests, including members of Godspeed You Black Emperor! and Strawberry, filling in on violin, vocals, Tibetan bowls and sax. Together they blend middle eastern influenced folk with spacey electronics and really beautiful trippy guitars. The overall experience is incredible; sounds and styles change drastically and seamlessly, bringing you to a new place with each new movement. Shalabi Effect went all out, spending nearly a month in the studio recordings and mastering on 1/2 tape to capture the warmth of the music. We thought they were kidding when they said they were setting out to create the ultimate drug record. Now we know that they were serious. The first of the two discs opens up with a beautiful display of early electronic drones, Muslimgauze styled tablas, Oud, guitar, scraped metal and bowed instruments. The sound is so incredibly rich and organic, you could swear this was recorded somewhere beautiful outdoors.

Aside from the Shalabi Effect, Sam Shalabi either anchors or at least plays in the following projects: a trio with David Kristian and Alexandre St-Onge, and more… Shalabi’s free jazz duo Detention performed at this years Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville and he immediately returned to Montreal the following day to perform with Kevin Drumm and Pillow, as member of Molasses. Anthony is the other driving force in the project and is a film maker and video producer.

Shalabi Effect are one of the most important projects in the Montreal underground for the sole reason that it is Sam Shalabi’s main project. During the last few years Alien8 Recordings have been setting up challenging evenings of live music at a loft space run by GYBE!, the Hotel 2 Tango, as well as at other spaces. During that time only David Kristian comes close to having played in as many live scenarios as Sam Shalabi. We have had Shalabi Effect perform with the likes of Aube, Kevin Drumm, Pillow, Fly Pan Am, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Government Alpha, David Kristian, Sabir Mateen, Loren Mazzacane Connors, M.S.B.R., No Neck Blues Band, Pillow, Royal Trux and Martin Tétreault. Occasionally Shalabi will even book his own shows, including gigs with Tim Berne and Brandon Labelle. We are very happy to finally be able to share the music of the Shalabi Effect with people outside of the Montreal underground.

Shalabi Effect [2000] (part1/part2)

Jack Rose

Luck In The Valley [2010]



Recorded in 2001, Montreal, QC, Canada by Howard Bilerman

For more information visit or email g a b e l e v i n e @

Natural Life [2001]

Neil Halstead



1. Seasons 5:23 $0.99
2. Driving With Bert 4:27 $0.99
3. Two Stones In My Pocket 6:17 $0.99
4. Hi-Lo and In Between 4:47 $0.99
5. See You On Rooftops 6:34 $0.99
6. Martha's Mantra (For The Pain) 5:11 $0.99
7. Sleeping On Roads 4:17 $0.99
8. Dreamed I Saw Soldiers 6:20 $0.99
9. High Hopes

Sleeping On Roads [2002]

Various Artist – Concerts For The People Of Kampuchea (1979)

  1. Performed by The Who
    Baba O'Riley 5:12
  2. Sister Disco 5:16
  3. Behind Blue Eyes
  4. See Me, Feel Me 5:49
  5. Performed by The Pretenders:
    The Wait 3:28
  6. Precious 3:23
  7. Tattooed Love Boys 3:18
  8. Performed by Elvis Costello & The Attractions:
    The Imposter 2:10
  9. Performed by Rockpile (Nick Lowe, Dave Edmunds)
    Crawling from the Wreckage 3:02
  10. Perfomed by Rockpile with Robert Plant
    Little Sister 3:33
  11. Performed by Queen:
    Now I'm Here 6:49
  12. Performed by The Clash
    Armagideon Time 4:15
  13. Performed by Ian Dury & the Blockheads:
    Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick 4:30
  14. Performed by The Specials:
    Monkey Man 2:26
  15. Performed by Wings:
    Got to Get You into My Life 2:57
  16. Every Night 4:17
  17. Coming Up 4:08
  18. Performed by the Rockestra:
    Lucille 3:03
  19. Let It Be 4:12
  20. Rockestra Theme 2:30

Various Artist – Concerts For The People Of Kampuchea (1979) part.1/part.2 ****

Bardo Pond



1 Destroying Angel (9:37)
2 Isle (11:13)
3 Lost Word (6:27)
4 Cry Baby Cry (4:54)
5 FCII (18:15)
6 Moonshine (10:45)
7 Endurance (5:09)
8 Montana Sacra II (10:45)

Ticket crystals [2006]

VA - Song Of The Silent Land [2004]

Constellation Records

Boxset/Compilation, released in 2004

Songs / Tracks Listing

01. The Sky Lay Still - Elizabeth Anka Vajagic (6:22)
02. Winter Hymn Winter Hymn Winter Hymn - Do Make Say Think (4:54)
03. Wool Fever Dub - Exhaust (3:05)
04. (Re)View From The Ground - Hangedup (4:30)
05. Toyte Goyes in Shineln - Black Ox Orkestar (3:44)
06. This Machine - Sackville (4:57)
07. Iron Bridge To Thunder Bay - A Silver Mt. Zion (8:12)
08. String of Lights - Sofa (5:33)
09. Dreaming (...Again) - Polmo Polpo (4:50)
10. Slippage - Re: (3:25)
11. Tres Tres 'Avant' - Fly Pan Am (5:10)
12. Fair Warning - 1-Speed Bike (5:03)
13. See My Film - Frankie Sparo (3:57)
14. Outro - Godspeed You! Black Emperor (7:33)

VA - Song Of The Silent Land [2004] part.1 part.2

Steve Gunn

Steve Gunn


(19XX) Recycled Music

Late 80s, early 90s is as best I can ballpark it. If anyone can actually tell me more about this fantastic artist, or is willing to part with a CD, drop a hello in the comments.

So what does it sound like? Well, Minnie Riperton is sampled, as well as Deep Purple and some 80s smooth jazz, and Chinese power ballads, and what I think is something from a Disney soundtrack. It's all held together is this miasma of noise. Fans of harsh noise and glo-fi are in for a treat, though both fail to adequately describe this fantastic release.



(1982, 2010 Cassette Reissue) Collection 4

Early Merzbow works featuring Masami Akita and Kiyoshi Mizutani. Recorded & Mixed at Gap Works, Tokyo on 16 June 1981. Remixed by Masami Akita at Lowest Music & Arts Studio, Tokyo. Remastered from Original Master Tape on Jan 2010. Originally Released on Lowest Music & Arts 1982. Two editions of 150.

The Recyclers

(1997) Visit / V0

The Recyclers features Steve Argüelles, drums; Benoît Delbecq, piano; Noël Akchoté, guitar.

"Taken its name from various "visits" to homes of musical friends (guitarist Billy Jenkins, Dutch trombonist Wolter Wierbos, etc), this is a wide-ranging album drawing as much on pianist Benoît Delbecq's free-improvising experience with Alan Silva's Celestial Communication Orchestra and Noël Akchoté's admiration for the work of fellow guitarists Eugene Chadbourne and Derek Bailey as on Argüelles's more structured eccentricities." The Rough Guide to Jazz