Richard Youngs

Sapphie (1998)

Seldom will you come across an album with such bare honesty and drifting loneliness as this, and if you do - feel very sorry for its creator. (sputnikmusic)


You're a Fucking Pussy

Taken from Akashiman's blog:
"Equal parts psychedelic and drone, You're a Fucking Pussy is a dense masterpiece. With Rhett's clever use of sampling and effects more prominent than ever, the album soaks into you like a beautiful fuzzy dream, ending with a magnificent ambient piece showing how versatile Doctors can be. Doctors are as unique to the Christchurch underground as they are to the rest of the world. You're a Fucking Pussy only further proves how truly amazing underground bands can (and should) be. If you don't listen to this record then YOU ARE A FUCKING PUSSY."

Anyone into psychedelic/shoegaze or drone/ambient will love this. Recommended to fans of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Deerhunter and Stars of the Lid.

Johnny Raper

Chook (2011) akshmn001

Half of God Destroyer and the main guy from Doctors making noise and drone. First release on the Akashiman label.

God Destroyer

New Zealand's God Destroyer release yet another EP, containing three overwhelmingly atmospheric and drastically different drone pieces. Wayuu (Ósvör's final track) shows a darker side to God Destroyer, replacing the usual choir-like reverb with doom-filled chords and an obvious feeling of depression.