Gravedigger (2011)

Glitched out noise to destroy your brain with.

Current 93

Sleep Has His House (2000)
like a meditation. like a surface of ocean. forever restless but seeming calm from a far. like it's noise that is heard to many but only few ever really listen to.

Planning for Burial

Leaving (2010)

From enemieslist:

“Remember Explosions in the Sky’s most recent album, All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone, and how it was dreary for a band known for uplifting songs? Planning for Burial is that, amplified by a million. Piano and organ are peppered in here and there, and when they’re used, you’re in for some real fucking funeral music. These elements most stand out during Leaving’s closer and title track, which is a little over 13 minutes of unadulterated, melancholic drone. Lustmord may take you to the depths of hell, but Planning for Burial, with this track, take you into cold space, hovering over all that once was.” – Crustcake

“Leaving is quite possibly the most amazing record ever to mix shoegaze, metal, doom, drone, and everything beautifully badass. Seriously epic songs that fill your heart with joy and make your ears fucking bleed. Crank this motherfucker up and let the bliss wash over you while you bang your head.” – Anti-Gravity Bunny

“Planning For Burial bring together drone and shoegaze, this time with little splashes of doom metal and black metal. Bringing to mind Jesu, Pyramids & Nadja and My Bloody Valentine as well as the dreariness of Explosions In The Sky’s All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone, this album is, much like HANL’s perfect Deathconsciousness, overflowing with emotion, almost to the point of being exhausting. I very strongly recommend this album, because it is definitely one of my favorite releases this year.” - Shock Mountain

Pop Dell' Arte

01 Tanak XXI
02 Simeon (You started something I want to finish now)
03 Slave for Sale (Remix 2011)
04 Querelle
05 Avanti Marinaio
06 Sonhos Pop
07 No Way Back
08 Janis Pearl
09 Lady Godiva´s Operation
10 Electric G.
11 So Goodnight
12 Poppa Mundi

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