Huomen Tuone (2008)

''One of the most harmonic expressions of spiritual freak-folk coming out from Finland, this first vinyl from the band Tulasi spreads around warm and positive feelings in six songs created through spontaneous junctions of flute, guitar, violin, percussions, tambura and voices. So, the perfect sound to bring our Souls peacefully inside the wintertime is coming directly from the North, inside a bright colours handmade sleeve made by Troglosound using drawings and collage.'' -Troglosound

สรวง สันติ

Soreng Santi

An amazing Finders Keepers compact featuring a version of 'Iron Man'.

Suang Santi - Iron Man 7" 45rpm


Big Gun (1972)

"The retarded finger-pluck fuzztone and barely there percussion adds to the sheer smegma of the entire thing. This one will fester on the back of your mind as a feasible theme song for the ugliest aspex of hippie chauvinism, and in the addition the sometimes megalomaniacal urge for self-expression that the desire to fornicate can bring about among aesthetically challenged men."

''All that we worship Syd, Roky and Skip for, with the caveat that a complete deprivation of any discernible talent brings about, but even though the art and craft of the recorded output of the mighty Lucifer could be ignored (and was), it shouldn't.'' - Ugly Things

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Soun Soun, La Tradition Mandingue (1998)

"Lanaya is an instrumental trio from Bamako, Mali. They play music rooted in a centuries old tradition, in which the stories and sagas of Mali are musically preserved. The musicians are part of a professional caste, the griots or jalis. From generation to generation the knowledge is passed on; they are the keepers of the culture.

All three Lanaya musicians are from one of the biggest and wellknown griot families, the Diabates... All in their early twenties, Lanaya is the new generation. Within their own culture, this is traditional music still in full development. Each generation adds their own specific style, interpretaion and arrangements. What stands out with Lanaya are their long, narrative improvisations and incredible virtuoso playing."  - Terp Records

Charlie McAlister

Mississippi Luau (1997)  •  Catsup Plate

Death Water Estates (2003)  •  Catsup Plate

The Screamin' Mee-Mees

Answer Me 7'' (1996)

"More freaked-out, minimalist guitar ruckus from the man thats been turning his moms basement into party-central since the late-60s. Eternal teenager, Bruce Cole, and his drummer-buddy Jon Ashline play their garage rock several sheet to the wind, always. "PLAY LOUD ON CHEAP STEREO!" It says on the cover, "preferably with a stack of Schlitz or Pabst within arms reach" should have been added. This 45 originally came out in 1996. Grab one before theyre gone." -Brinkman Records

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VA Mississippi Girls

Mississippi Girls (1928-1931)  •  discogs

The Scene Is Now

Total Jive (1987)

Total Jive could only be made in NYC around 1987. Most of the members of The Scene Is Now were active in the no-wave scene (Information, Mofungo and later also Pere Ubu & the DB's). Somehow Total Jive always remaind obscure, while in my eyes it's a total masterpiece. In these songs all the standard rock 'n roll ideas are thrown away. Without sounding like abstract avant-garde work, these songs are all very loose, always changing structure, but still remain to achieve their goal. This truly sounds like a couple of goofy no-wave and jazz musicians, with no real musician ship, are trying to create pop songs. This is already my favorite, hope it does the same thing to you, enjoy


The Goslings

Occasion (2008) and Between the Dead (2005)

Grandeur of Hair (2006)


THE GOSLINGS are a drone rock band from Florida, USA with releases on labels such as Not Not Fun Records, Crucial Blast Records, and Archive Recordings. The core members of the band are Leslie Soren (vocals) and Max Soren (guitar) with a rotating roster of drummers which have included Brendan Grubb, Adel Souto, Rick Smith (also of Torche), Paul Leroy and Steve Carrera. The Goslings' sound is often characterized as "lo-fi," noisy, and heavy[1][2] but also beautiful and psychedelic.[3][4][5] The group self-records all of their own albums on cassette tape or reel-to-reel tape, are somewhat reclusive and do not tour.[6] They have had a number of releases since forming in 2002 but their signature album to date is considered to be "Grandeur of Hair" (released on Archive Recordings, 2006 and re-pressed in 2009).

VA Matter Dominates Spirit

Matter Dominates Spirit (A Tribute To Jim Shepard)

CD 1 - Valis

CD 2 - Modesto

CD 3 - V-3 Live

CD 4 - Pure Ether

CD 5 - Additional Wreckage

CD 6 - Perimeter

"This is the extended version of the Jim Shepard tribute LP that was released in 2001 on Meta Records. It contains a lot of covers of Shepard's work... but more importantly, CD 6 (Perimeter) contains the recordings that was supposed to be the material for his next album (the one after the motorcycle movie)."

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Strapping Fieldhands

The Caul 10'' (1995)


Ahmed Janka Nabay

Bubu King (2010)  •  True Panther





De Kift

Yverzucht (1989)


The Milkshakes

Hangman Records Presents, Live From Chatham (1983)  •  discogs

White Ring


White Ring – Suffocation (2010)


Maureen Tucker

Playin' Possum (1981)


J.D. Blackfoot

The Ultimate Prophecy (1970)

"JD Blackfoot was like a hero to me, who just had songs in his head but didn't necessarily had the notion to be a rock n roll star someday." -Mike "Rep" Hummel

Inca Ore

Silver Sea Surfer School (2010)

"Silver Sea Surfer School features some of the most otherworldly creations, from lonesome vocals with angelic reverb treatments hissing over moebius electronics through macabre pitch-shifted visions cut-up with psychedelic junkyard ritual straight out of The Skaters’ songbook." - Volcanic Tongue

VA Red Square Groove

Red Square Groove - Rare Jazz / Fusion Gems From Russian Vaults

•  Cosmic Sounds