Buddhadev Das Gupta

Nayak Ki Kanra (1989)  •  info

Weasel Walter Septet

Invasion (2010)  •  ugEXPLODE Records

The Residents


Baby Sex (1971)

Santa Dog 7'' (1972)

Meet The Residents (1974)

Fingerprince (1976)

Satisfaction (1976)

Third Reich 'N Roll (1976)

Radio Special (1977)

The Beatles Play The Residents And The Residents Play The Beatles 7'' (1977)

Duck Stab (1978)

Duck Stab / Buster & Glen (1978)

Not Availble (1978)

Eskimo (1979)

Commercial Album (1980)

Commercial Single (1980)

Diskomo (1980)

Tunes Of Two Cities (1982)

God In Three Persons (1988)

Santa Dog 88 (1988)

King Darves

The Sun Splits For... The Blind Swimmer (2008)  •  De Stijl

Vertical Slit

Slit & Pre-Slit (1977/2010)

"Slit And Pre-Slit was Jim Shepard’s first ever release, privately pressed in an edition of only 100 copies in 1977 and mostly given away to friends and musical/cultural heroes like Lester Bangs, Todd Rundgren, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Brian Eno, John Cale etc. Its extreme rarity has meant that few have had the chance to wrap their ears around it, but those in the know have consistently pronounced it Shepard’s best."
Volcanic Tongue

Nudge Squidfish

20,000 Leagues Under Nashville (1985)


Cantece Lautaresti

La Salul Cel Negru (1999)  •  info

Victoria Vein And The Thunderpunks

Rear Guard Action / Other Things 7" (1974)

"Previously unissued May 1974 studio recordings by this Debris' precursor group finds Oliver, Chuck and company in a high energy glitter / R & B mode ala the New York Dolls."  - Anopheles Records

Tommy Jay & Mike Rep

The Grim-O Comix Sequence (1974-75)

"The Grim-O Comix Sequence was a cycle of songs recorded over the course of the summer/fall after Tommy Jay and Mike Rep graduated from high school. It is intended to be some sort of never meant to be released folk rock opera, touching on all the concerns of the day - frustration of minimum wage work, unrequited love, insignificance, and hopelessness - which incredibly remained wholly unreleased and under tight lock and key for all of these years. Listening to these recordings, you can hear them experimenting with recording and songwriting techniques that would end up being staples of their respective musical identities...  Like everything everybody does in high school, this recording isn't without its cringe-worthy moments, but it's great to hear the beginnings of two burgeoning songwriter/ producers with talents beyond their years."  - Columbus Discount

Joint Effort

Two Sided Country... Blues (1971)

"This obscure acoustic garage acid folk masterpiece for the first time reissued on CD was originally recorded in 1971 (200 copies have been pressed). Joint Effort are from Detroit but don't deny the mystic and loner hippie Westcoast feeling. They recorded all songs at home, most of the tracks were first takes and reflect a kind of freaky The Beatles meeting Nirvana (Unplugged) jam session. They play tripped out raga-folk tunes with homemade effects, catchy vocals, very intense songwriting and Bob Dylan like protest against society. The songs stand perfectly for the summer, peace and love feeling!"  - World In Sound

VA Whiskey, You're The Devil

Whiskey, You're The Devil (1996)  •  discogs

Diane Cluck

Macy's Day Bird / Black With Green Leaves (2001)  •  Important Records

The Godz


Contact High With The Godz (1966)

Godz 2 (1967)

Third Testament (1969)

Jeffrey Lewis

Indie-Rock Fortune Cookie (1998)

Holy Modal Rounders


Indian War Whoop (1967)

The Moray Eels Eat The Holy Modal Rounders (1968)

The Fugs


First Album (1966)

The Fugs (1966)

VA Local Customs: Lone Star Lowlands

Local Customs: Lone Star Lowlands (2010)  •  Numero Group