Storm & Stress

Storm & Stress is an American indie rock trio. This noise/experimental rock band that takes its name from the German literary movement Sturm und Drang.

storm & stress - self titled (1997) @ mediafire

storm & stress - under thunder and fluorescent lights (2000) @ mediafire


(1984) Gone Fishin' / 256k

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2003 AG EP CDR download: option 1option 2option 3

2004 KA LP download: option 1 option 2option 3

2004 vacation / forget me 12' download: option 1 option 2option 3

2005 self destruction LP download: option 1option 2option 3

2005 obedience CS download: option 1option 2option 3

2005 throne download: option 1option 2option 3

2006 alternation 2xLP download: option 1option 2option 3

2006 sunbomber 12' download: option 1option 2option 3

2006 the troglodytes and life in the wilderness (excepter & leb-laze split) 12' download: option 1option 2option 3

2007 tank tapes CS download: option 1option 2option 3

2007 carrots / kkkkk (panda bear & excepter split) 12' download: option 1option 2option 3

2007 burgers / the punjab 12' download: option 1 option 2 option 3

2008 OP 2x7' download: option 1option 2option 3

2008 debt dept download: option 1 option 2


1997 ferocity of practical life 10''


The sound of Generic Flipper is as follows: loud, heavily reverbed drums that sound like they were played in a dungeon, topped with a dull, dead sounding bass playing really catchy anthems, a guitar just making a bunch of feedback and noise and a couple of goofy louts shouting on top of the noise.

(1982) Album: Generic Flipper / V0


Armpit is another Clayton Noone project (along with CJA and the Futurians), this one being (I assume) the oldest of the three. Back when Last Visible Dog was in its first year or so, Clayton suggested we do a release, but something terrible went wrong and it never happened. (...) frantic free-noise taken as a snap-shot, not as a polished, emasculated 'album'. Yes, I think classic Dead C, along with a bunch of HCorp releases--though Armpit seems far more chaotic than those other bands I've referenced here, and it seems as though at any moment the whole thing is about to fall apart, though it never does.

(2008) Tron / V0


Boyd Rice's NON, in a superb dark-ambient album. Absurdly disruptive and unsettling - extreme drone-music.

(2002) Children of the Black Sun / V0

Gyorgy Ligeti

(1975) Chamber Music: Double Concerto for Flute & Oboe * San Francisco Polyphony * String Quartet No. 1 * Continuum * Musica Ricercata / V0

Birchville Cat Motel With Lee Ranaldo

Celebrate Psi-Phenomenon

(2005) 30th December 2004 / V0


Nathan Williams, under the name Wavves, is a beach punk musician based in San Diego, California. He released his self-titled debut LP in 2008 and since has gained notable media attention from the internet, and other areas including Pitchfork Media and ABC News. He has also allowed some of his tracks to be released for free on RCRD LBL. He is currently signed to Fat Possum Records and has released his second full-length album, Wavvves.

(2009) Wavvves / V0

(2008) Wavves / V0

Grouper / Pumice

Grouper (Liz Harris) and Pumice (Stefan Neville) are set to join forces on a tour of Neville's New Zealand homeland in March. To commemorate this event, Soft Abuse (in conjunction with the artists themselves) will release a tour 7" single, which is strictly limited to 500 copies & features exclusive new songs. Grouper's contribution, 'Rising Height,' is a gorgeous example of her elongated Kendra Smith-esque fuzzy drone craft. Pumice gives us 'Twin Neck Double Kick Bum Chin,' a new song that could've fit well on Quo.

(2009) New Zealand Tour Single (Split 7") / V0


Released in 1987, the album is considered death metal's first archetypal document. Possessed's proto-death classic Seven Churches may have predated it by almost two years, but the fact of the matter is that both were concurrent works from a demo perspective, and while Seven Churches represented something of a unplanned transition between thrash and death metal, Scream Bloody Gore clearly defined the new offshoot's true essence for the first time. Boiled down to the most basic terms, this transition simply entailed propelling thrash metal's sheer speed and ferocious execution into further inaccessibility with the addition of gore-obsessed lyrics delivered via often indecipherably growled vocals. Needless to say, this unprecedented level of sonic hatred went down a storm with thousands upon thousands of angry teenagers across the world.

(1987) Scream Bloody Gore / V0


(1995) Crock (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) / V0

(1996) Snakland / V0

(2002) Bugskull & The Big White Cloud / 2002

José Mário Branco

José Mário Branco is a portuguese musician and composer.
He began his career under the portuguese fascist regime and was persecuted and exiled in France. He worked with José Afonso and Sérgio Godinho, among other proeminent names of portuguese music.
With a strong personality and a rarely seen coherence in his resistent’s beliefs he worked also for theatre and cinema. Some of his most known works are “Ser Solid(t)ário”, “Margem de Certa Maneira”, “A noite” and the iconic “FMI”, where the portuguese revolutionary movement, with his dreams and frustrations, finds a musical synthesis. This last work, according to the author cannot be played in radios, TV or any other kind of public broadcast. Not withstanding, “FMI” is, probably, his most well known work.

(1971) Mudam-se Os Tempos, Mudam-se As Vontades / 320k


Bugskull (often spelled Bügsküll), the brainchild of Oregon’s guitarist and vocalist (and former folksinger) Sean Byrne, coined a style of arrangement that was the post-rock equivalent of Brian Wilson’s orchestral productions: a catalog of musical mistakes instead of an abundance of instrumental counterpoint. The “songs” of Phantasies And Senseitions (1994) were jams of found sounds, electronic sounds, distortions, out-of-tune passages, abstract noise, and, last but not least, senseless lullabies. Distracted Snowflake Volume One (1997) marked the formal triumph of his techniques of lo-fi avantgarde. Each piece was carefully sculpted with a myriad of sounds, resulting in “songs” that were both overwhelming and exhilarating.

(1994) Phantasies and Senseitions / 192k

(1997) Distracted Snowflake (Volume One) / 192k

(1999) Distracted Snowflake (Volume Two) / 192k


(1992) Gargamelodies / 192k

(1993) Magic Tremelo / 192k

The Shadow Ring

Life Review (1993-2003) (2009, Kye)
CD 1

CD 2

"A double-disc retrospective of The Shadow Ring's entire body of work, including several unreleased, live and hard to find tracks! The final word in Shadow Ringing".