Circle X

"Circle X are a No Wave/art-rock band that began in the late 70s in Louisville, KY. They formed out of the two punk bands The I-Holes and No Fun, the latter of which was the first punk rock band ever formed in Louisville. Soon after forming they relocated to New York City and were part of the same late 70s/early 80s No Wave scene that included bands like Mars and DNA, though for some reason Circle X is now far less known and revered than the other members of the movement, perhaps because of their seeming commitment to obscurity. They released a handful of singles and EPs throughout their career but only two full lengths, 1980’s “Prehistory” and their final release, 1994’s epic “Celestial” which came out on Matador Records. The band ended when founding member and guitarist Bruce Witsiepe tragically passed away from HIV complications".

Circle X (1979 / 1996, Dexter's Cigar)

Prehistory (1983 / 2008, Blue Chopsticks)

The Ivory Tower (1992, 4EP)

Celestial (1994, Matador)

Frammenti De Junk (1994, Sordide Sentimental)

The Tone Of The Universe

The Tone Of The Universe (= The Tone Of The Earth) (2005, PseudoArcana)

Jards Macalé

jards macalé
1972 • info

Bell Orchestre

Bell Orchestre : As Seen through Windows (2009)
Bell Orchestre are a five-piece instrumental band from Montreal, Canada. Its members include: Richard Parry (bass), Sarah Neufeld (violin), Pietro Amato (french horn), Kaveh Nabatian (trumpet), Stefan Schneider (drums & percussion). Sarah Neufeld and Richard Parry are also full-time members of Arcade Fire.


Pretty stunning instrumental free jazz/post-rock/neo-classical much more than an Arcade Fire side-project. Some obvious influences : Talk Talk, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Aphex Twin, Rachel's ... but ultimately, it sounds like nothing else.

The Chameleons

Script of the Bridge (1983)

Lost post-punk classic. Some people call it “OK Computer of the 80s”. Ethereal, dreamy, atmospheric, epic, stylistically somewhere between Echo & the Bunnymen and The Smiths, a huge influence on the shoegaze scene that emerged in the early 90s. Not many people have heard it, but nearly everyone who has seems to think it's the best album ever made :)


excellent italian greyhound

1000 hurts


the futurist

at action park


the rude gesture: a pictorial history


the bird is the most popular finger

billiardspielerlied / mantel


info wiki

Codona 3 1983 pt.1pt.2

Codona 2

Codona 1979

Gary Higgins

Gary Higgins. This red-beardo dude has made one of the best psych folk album ever. Has many simple and rich elements, which comes as landscapes do his soft voice and guitar. It was a lost album since its reissue in 2005 (again, where the hell was i?).

That's a masterpiece.

Tchüss *-*

The Bill Dixon Orchestra

Dixon's first album, Intents And Purposes (1967), released when he was already 42, included two lengthy workouts, the five-movement Metamorphoses 1962-1966 (october 1966) for a tentet (trumpet, trombone, alto, clarinet, English horn, cello, two basses, drums and percussion) and Voices (january 1967) for a quintet (trumpet, clarinet, cello, bass and drums). Both works displayed Dixon's pensive, lyrical style that sounded like pure poetry among all the viscerality of free jazz. Instead of using the music as a weapon, Dixon (who was also a painter) used it to create vast canvasses of organized sounds, using space and silence in a way that predated Chicago's "creative" school, and often caressing the atmosphere with haunting bass lines.

(1967) Intents and Purposes / V0