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Quase quatro anos de existência na web e - após muito falatório - o blog Experimental ETC finalmente segue caminho a uma incursão mais fisíca que de costume.

Agora, para além da aglutinação de música inabitual da interweb, a intenção é reunir um número de dispares seres humanos numa localização muito da simples, com cerveja disposta em garrafa 600 ml e preço camarada da padóca... Tímpanos compartilham da trilha sonora que
regularmente não se ouve por aí , muito provavelmente acompanhados de figuras raras com os assuntos que realmente apetecem... E os fumantes, eles tem uma privilegiada varandinha com vista pra Frei Caneca...

Meia-Noite, servimos a cereja do bolo. São os ruidosos lusitanos dos Tropa Macaca, o simpático casal Joana da Conceição e André Abel, que após tours européias e registros sonoros editados em bom número de territórios do globo, aterrizam em terras tupiniquins com promessa de promover catarse sonora digna de tombar de costa desavisados fiscais da lei do Psiu. Tragam seus protetores auriculares!

A noite segue com fina seleta musical promovida pelos moderadores do blog, guiando ouvintes por paisagens sonoras que vão do easy-listening italiano de trilhas sonoras pornográficas dos 70's ao dub jamaicano, do japanoise ao garage rock 60's vietnamita...

Além de tiros incertos e criterioso ecletismo, desses sujeitos não há muito o que se esperar.

E a lembrar do lema que sempre moveu a Experimental ETC, umas últimas palavras:
"Exercite sua generosidade". Passe a informação adiante.

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Cartaz por Diego Medina

Implodes Blog


1. SK-5
2. Marker
3. Sleeping Pill
4. Meadowlands / Hymn
5. Your Cloud
6. Screech Owl
7. Mother Earth is Pregnant for the Fourth Time
8. No Eyes

Implodes Plustapes cassette

Public Bath Singles

Public Bath singles collection

01. Serkiri - Konya Seiko Ranman (PB 001)
02. Serkiri - Let's Fuck (PB 001)
03. Boredoms - Disco Moscow (PB 002)
04. UFO Or Die - Space Disco (PB 002)
05. Omoide Hatoba - Lineair Motor Jetship (PB 002)
06. Handadensha - Future Deadlock (PB 002)
07. Garlick Boys - Yokozuka (PB 004)
08. Garlick Boys - Mad Asshole (PB 004)
09. Garlick Boys - The Wya Of The Fat Boy (PB 004)
10. Garlick Boys - Smegmania (PB 004)
11. Omoide Hatoba - Surfin' UFO (PB 005)
12. Omoide Hatoba - Mother # 2 (PB 005)
13. Omoide Hatoba - Gara (PB 005)
14. Playmate - Upside Down (PB 006)
15. Playmate - Life Is Never Too Short (PB 006)
16. Subvert Blaze - Butterfly (PB 006)
17. Hijo Kandan - Theme Of The Taste Of The Wild West (PB 007)
18. Solmania - Highdrophobia Part 2 (PB 007)
19. Hanatarash - Galaxy Boost (PB 007)
20. Captian Condoms - Bed Bunny (PB 008)
21. Captian Condoms - Good Speed You (PB 008)
22. Genbaku Onanies - Dog Eat Dog (PB 009)
23. Genbaku Onanies - Nanni No Nannie (PB 009)
24. Children Coup d'Etat - Shiva Of BBQ (PB 011)
25. Volume Dealers - The Cold Giant (PB 013)
26. Slap Happy Humphreys - Chi Hei Sen (PB 014)

Swami Kryia Ramananda

Song of The Golden Lotus (1978)

VV.AA. - 13 (1998)

Myspace Esqueleto / Myspace Shogun / Ojo de Apolo Records / Nueva Música Chilena / Entrevista a Jorge Cortés (Cáncer) / Música de Acuarelas

VV.AA. - 13 (1998)

Koen Holtkamp

Thrill Jockey / Last.fm / Myspace / Facebook


The Moles

Double 7'' (1992)

Strapping Fieldhands

Stacey Donally b/w Aeroplane Ticket 7''

Nana Love

Disco Documentary Full Of Funk (1978)  •  discogs

"If there was ever a female James Brown from Africa, it would be this lady right here, Nana Love from Ghana. She composed, arranged and produced all the songs on this album which features great boogie, funk, spacy and instrumental tunes. Very tight backing players featuring intergalactic keyboard and synth improvisation on several keys, multi horn section, bongos, drums, and the occasional scream by the lady herself... even a flute solo. Chaotic."

"For musical anthropologists and collectors of long-forgotten recorded artefacts, the 1970s singer Nana Love is a textbook case: the practically unknown yet contextually enthralling blank slate. Almost no information about this artist exists, beyond the basic facts that she was an up-and-coming performer on the Lagos, Nigeria-centred West African nightclub circuit, that she never quite achieved stardom there, but that she provided lead vocals on a number of recording sessions featuring many of the talented musicians that populated this scene. If lucky, interested parties can occasionally find copies of her one known album, 1978's Disco Documentary Full of Funk, for sale on various internet vinyl emporia for exorbitant prices."  - Piotr Orlov

Filipa Pais

Filipa Pais started a career as a singer in 1983, working since then with people like Vitorino, Sergio Godinho, Joao Paulo Esteves da Silva, Janita Salome, Bernardo Sassetti,Antonio Chainho, Uxia, Jose Peixoto, Jose Mario Branco, Tito Paris or Chico Cesar.
Crossing experiences in many areas, such as Portuguese traditional and popular music, jazz, fusion, or even fado, today we may say that Filipa Pais is one of the best Portuguese female singers. Her CD "A Porta do Mundo" was rewarded with the Prize Jose Afonso, the most important prize for the Portuguese Popular Music.
Since 2005, Filipa Pais performs live with Eduardo Miranda (mandolin), Tuniko Goulart (guitar)and Giovani Goulart (drums/percussions/accordion) in a concert build over tradicional songs and influences from Portugal, Galicia, Brasil and Cape Verde. She has also a fascinating voice&piano live project with the composer and pianist Joao Paulo Esteves da Silva.

L'Amar (1994)

À Porta do Mundo (2004)

Constellation Music Until Now – V.A.


  1. A Silver Mt. Zion – 13 Angels Standing Guard ‘Round The Side Of Your Bed 7:19
  2. Frankie Sparo – Here Comes The Future 4:00
  3. Re: – Pent 4:11
  4. Exhaust – Metro Mile-End 2:57
  5. Hangedup – Powered By Steam 5:50
  6. Sofa – Monotone 4:17
  7. Fly Pan Am – Et Aussi L’eclairage De Plastique Au Centre De Tout Ces Compartiments Lateraux 9:20
  8. 1-Speed Bike – Seattle/Washington/Prague 00/68 Chicago/Nixon/Reagan Circle-Fighting Machine 3:19
  9. Sackville – 4-Alarm Fire 6:48
  10. Do Make Say Think – The Landlord Is Dead 5:38
Constellation Music Until Now


falling down a mountain

Dustin Wong

Infinite Love (part.1/part.2)

When I heard that Baltimore quartet Ponytail grew out of an assignment in a college art class, I expected them to sound heavily conceptual and musically primitive-- more interested in ideas than technique. It turned out they did have an abstract side, especially in the word-less vocals of Molly Siegel, but they were also seriously proficient musicians. Drummer Jeremy Hyman whipped up a tornado of rhythms-- he's now a go-to percussionist for the Boredoms-- and intercutting guitarists Ken Seeno and Dustin Wong were fast, complex, and precise. The brilliance of Ponytail was that all these chops served engaging music. You could dig the craft without focusing on it-- often at their shows I'd get so caught up in all the ecstatic momentum that the wizardry didn't hit me until afterwards.

Ponytail went on hiatus in August, and Wong is the first member to release a solo record. Though his guitar prowess is more obvious on Infinite Love, he continues to use it primarily for emotional impact. A 40-minute piece cut into 15 tracks (and then re-done on a 2nd CD-- more on that later), the album was made with electric guitar, effects pedals, and a few cameos by a drum machine. Many of its passages begin like compulsory exercises, the instrumental equivalent of connecting dots, tracing lines, or winding up a toy and watching it scuttle across the floor. But they become hypnotic melodies quickly. Pin-pricks congeal into chords, loops swing into low-end waves, and strums spawn glistening notes like a sparkler emitting embers.

Not every Ponytail fan will be thrilled with Infinite Love-- even at its most engaging, it feels like an experiment. Wong encourages this a bit in his presentation-- the two CDs here are "brother" and "sister" versions which open and end the same but vary in their middles, and both include a DVD of accompanying visuals. Clearly this is not an album of songs, and its appeal will be quicker for those inclined to solo guitar explorations, or for whom repetition and layering are a form of verse-chorus-verse. But for formal-sounding guitar art, Infinite Love is sneakily memorable. At various points I hear echoes of Ian Williams' playing in Don Caballero, Steve Reich's phasing repetitions, the softer clouds of Mark McGuire, and hints of metal and prog-rock. Most moving is a passage of lonely balladry that sounds like Wong covering Loren Connors.

As diverse as all those sounds are, it would be fun to hear Wong throw off the conceptual chains and follow this album with looser, more unpredictable sonics-- much the way his other group, Ecstatic Sunshine, often does. Given the history he's forged with them and Ponytail, Wong likely won't sit still for long, and even the most rigid parts of Infinite Love suggest he's got a lot more ideas to draw on.

Marc Masters, October 28, 2010 Pickfork

Dustin Wong - Infinite Love preview from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.



Take Me Home: A Tribute to John Denver - VA [2000]

"Take Me Home - a Tribute to John Denver" - features Bonnie Prince Billy, Low, Tarnation, The Innocence Mission, Rachel Haden (from that dog), Sunshine Club, Hannah Marcus, Granfaloon Bus, James Hindle and Red House Painters.

Red House Painters frontman, Mark Kozelek, compiled this remarkable collection of popular and obscure songs of John Denver. Each song was recorded specifically for this tribute.

As John Denver was a supporter of animals, a portion of the proceeds will benefit Pets In Need - a non profit organization dedicated to bringing loving, healthy homes to adoptable animals. They strongly support the movement called "No-Kill."

"My idea for this record is to take artists that are less likely to be associated with John Denver, have them open up a new audience to his songs, and give exposure to his popular as well as less known but significant work."

- Mark Kozelek

Tracklist :

01. The Eagle And The Hawk
Bonnie "Prince" Billy
02. Follow Me
Innocence Mission
03. Poems, Prayers And Promises
Rachel Haden
04. Fly Away
Red House Painters
05. Around And Around
Red House Painters
06. Looking For Space
Hannah Marcus
07. Matthew
Granfaloon Bus
08. Annie's Song
Sunshine Club
09. Whispering Jesse
James William Hindle
10. Leaving On A Jet Plane
11. Back Home Again
12. I'm Sorry
Red House Painters

Take Me Home: A Tribute to John Denver - VA [2000]