The videos were recorded on Monday, the 19th of December, 2011... LIBROS CON LLAVE DE SOL (BOOKS WITH SUN KEY) it's a Festival of music and writers in the garden of the Library Pedro Valdivia, Temuco, south of Chile. Here I leave an extract of the presentation of band D-ZOOM ... with very much love and hope for the year that comes!!

Dedicated to opening melodic structures between caps of noise.




Richard Youngs

Sapphie (1998)

Seldom will you come across an album with such bare honesty and drifting loneliness as this, and if you do - feel very sorry for its creator. (sputnikmusic)


You're a Fucking Pussy

Taken from Akashiman's blog:
"Equal parts psychedelic and drone, You're a Fucking Pussy is a dense masterpiece. With Rhett's clever use of sampling and effects more prominent than ever, the album soaks into you like a beautiful fuzzy dream, ending with a magnificent ambient piece showing how versatile Doctors can be. Doctors are as unique to the Christchurch underground as they are to the rest of the world. You're a Fucking Pussy only further proves how truly amazing underground bands can (and should) be. If you don't listen to this record then YOU ARE A FUCKING PUSSY."

Anyone into psychedelic/shoegaze or drone/ambient will love this. Recommended to fans of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Deerhunter and Stars of the Lid.

Johnny Raper

Chook (2011) akshmn001

Half of God Destroyer and the main guy from Doctors making noise and drone. First release on the Akashiman label.

God Destroyer

New Zealand's God Destroyer release yet another EP, containing three overwhelmingly atmospheric and drastically different drone pieces. Wayuu (Ósvör's final track) shows a darker side to God Destroyer, replacing the usual choir-like reverb with doom-filled chords and an obvious feeling of depression.


Gravedigger (2011)

Glitched out noise to destroy your brain with.

Current 93

Sleep Has His House (2000)
like a meditation. like a surface of ocean. forever restless but seeming calm from a far. like it's noise that is heard to many but only few ever really listen to.

Planning for Burial

Leaving (2010)

From enemieslist:

“Remember Explosions in the Sky’s most recent album, All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone, and how it was dreary for a band known for uplifting songs? Planning for Burial is that, amplified by a million. Piano and organ are peppered in here and there, and when they’re used, you’re in for some real fucking funeral music. These elements most stand out during Leaving’s closer and title track, which is a little over 13 minutes of unadulterated, melancholic drone. Lustmord may take you to the depths of hell, but Planning for Burial, with this track, take you into cold space, hovering over all that once was.” – Crustcake

“Leaving is quite possibly the most amazing record ever to mix shoegaze, metal, doom, drone, and everything beautifully badass. Seriously epic songs that fill your heart with joy and make your ears fucking bleed. Crank this motherfucker up and let the bliss wash over you while you bang your head.” – Anti-Gravity Bunny

“Planning For Burial bring together drone and shoegaze, this time with little splashes of doom metal and black metal. Bringing to mind Jesu, Pyramids & Nadja and My Bloody Valentine as well as the dreariness of Explosions In The Sky’s All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone, this album is, much like HANL’s perfect Deathconsciousness, overflowing with emotion, almost to the point of being exhausting. I very strongly recommend this album, because it is definitely one of my favorite releases this year.” - Shock Mountain

Pop Dell' Arte

01 Tanak XXI
02 Simeon (You started something I want to finish now)
03 Slave for Sale (Remix 2011)
04 Querelle
05 Avanti Marinaio
06 Sonhos Pop
07 No Way Back
08 Janis Pearl
09 Lady Godiva´s Operation
10 Electric G.
11 So Goodnight
12 Poppa Mundi

Pop Dell' Arte Web Site


ajshbka (2010)

Recorded while still young. Christchurch, New Zealand's thje explores ambience and noise. Innocent and fragile. Gaze at your shoes.

Luciano Cilio

(2004) Dell'Universo Assente / V0 / Anthology

Compiles the 1977 album 'Dialoghi del Presente' plus extra tracks.

(...) "essentially self-taught concerning the music composition" focused his research on long sustained sounds, on the sound in its primary and ‘internal’ meaning, at the outset on the melodic, rhythmic and harmonic entities, to "re-enter in the sound, to hold it, to hold it... then to leave it to go”.
In this record Luciano Cilio plays as a multi-instrumentalist, performing on piano, guitar, flute, bass and mandola, also joined by musicians coming from different experiences and areas. Unexpected, in 1983, the death in suicide, at crest of his career, but also at crest of a production shuddering into silence.


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Andrea Belfi

(2008) Knots / V0

Knots, the new album from Milanese percussionist Andrea Belfi, is broken into four untitled parts. They are similar in palette, but each has its own discreet gloom and web-work of tactile rhythms. While his last record, 2006's Between Neck & Stomach, boasted diffuse little symphonies brisling with brass shards, lattices of guitar (courtesy of 3/4hadbeeneliminated's Stefano Pilia), accordion whiffs and even splintered voices, Knots wears its white space well. It's far sparser but no less beguiling. Contrary to its title, this is fluid music, as agile in laying out its coordinates as it is scrambling them.


Bülent Ortaçgil

(1974) Benimle Oynar Misin / V0


Marika Papagika (Μαρίκα Παπαγκίκα)

The music can be a little primitive, but Marika Papagika left a legacy of Greek folk music, rebetika, and light popular music that is unrivaled by very few artists of the day. David Soffa did an excellent job of picking out her most popular recordings primarily from the late 1920's. This is a priceless look at Greek Music in the United States during the 1920's.

(1994) Marika Papagika: 1918-1929 / 320k
download (part 1 / part 2)

God Destroyer

God Destroyer
Self Released (2011)

Drone from Chirstchurch, NZ. With extensive layering they create dense, slow moving atmospheres. Highly recommended for fans of Stars of the Lid, William Basinski etc.

Angel Food

(2010) Homage / V0

Angel Food is Brad Rose (The North Sea, Ajilvsga, Digitalis) and Dylan Aycock (The Doldrum’s).


People Who Do Noise (Documentary)

(2008) Adam Cornelius - People Who Do Noise
megaupload (new!)

People Who Do Noise is a film about the experimental music of Portland, Oregon. Extensive interviews and intimate performance footage provide an intense portrait of the motivations, emotions, and ideas that go into this uncompromising, sometimes brutal musical form. Unwavering in its focus, the film brings to light an art form unfathomable to many, with only the words of the musicians themselves providing any explanation for the pulsating sonic chaos they create.
most inaccessible of genres.

Featuring performance footage and interviews with :
Daniel Menche
Pulse Emitter
Yellow Swans
Honed Bastion
Oscillating Innards
GOD (bryan eubanks and leif sundstrom)
Kitty Midwife
Josh Hydeman
Soup Purse
Sisprum Vish
With Caro


Demo I
Self Released 2011

Deep house/minimal techno from Christchurch, New Zealand. Ambient atmospheres and progressive tunes.

320 kbps