Bär McKinnon, former sax player from San Francisco’s seminal Mr. Bungle, is primed and ready to bring his specific brand of cartoonish, pop inspired tunes to the world with his new Melbourne-based outfit: Umlaut. Featuring the radio single, Atlas Face, co-written and performed by Mike Patton, Umlaut’s debut selt-titled album is whimsical, eccentric, dark and nothing you’ve ever heard before.

(2009) Umlaut / V0


P said...

thx for this one... and for all. ;)

centrifuge said...

"nothing you've ever heard before" - so long as you haven't heard the third mr bungle album ;-)

don't get me wrong it ain't bad... and thanks... but let's face it, it's hardly original stuff now is it?!

Soidemersol said...

you're definitely right. it's just the lastfm bio, though


"...whimsical, eccentric, dark and nothing you’ve ever heard before," except when I listen to myself, see/hear.....

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